WL//WH Video of the Day : STEPAN I MEDUZA “Осень / Autumn”

Video of the Day

One of the early posts of this blog, at the end of last year, was right from the brilliant Ukrainian new wave/ synth-pop duo Stepan i Meduza, just before the release of their excellent debut album ‘Прощение/Forgiveness’ via Worn Pop label. 

Kiev based Burkov Aleksandr (vocals, guitar, synth, programming, mixing) and Mashkin Dmitry (bass guitar, vocals, synth, programming) are back with an impressive new song and accompained DIY video, even announcing more goods to follow soon. 

“ОсеньAutumn, intensified figurative lyrics denoting a serious relationship, is an eclectic and captivating mix of shimmering cold synths, deep pulsating vibrating bass, and energetic sharp repetitive drum machines to underpin urgent, animated out of breath vocals creating an anxious, frustrated, yet hilarious environment. An upsurge in effects and hurried strong back beats co-mingle with hypnotic, soaring, wistful synth melodies and sardonic musings.

As song about love, angst, and loneliness. A man bickers with his fictional partner in this metaphorical relationship. Snarky quips, accusatory questions, and honest answers lead to an enlightened ending of self discovery.

The accompanied visuals, produced by TakeOneDo, bring the whole project together as it shows a man in black walking (and running) through a frozen urban terrain nervously smoking cigarettes and kicking leaves in defeat.

Lively, witty, and entertaining antics by singer Burkov Aleksandr, suspended between dream and reality, almost to recall his notorious fellow countryman Gogol, gifted of the same subtle sense of grotesque humor and lightness.

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