WL//WH Video Of The Day : STARCONTROL “What Remains”

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There’s a Japanese term that properly describes the meaning and the atmosphere both of the video and the song by the Italian ‘spleen wave’ trio Starcontrol : “mono no aware”, literally “the pathos/sadness of things”, it means recognizing the transience of things and the bittersweet sadness at their passing.

And right of this bittersweet feeling of seeing things change and disappear is soaked the intense and melancholic piano-lead hypnotic ballad “What Remains” , one of most touching and emotional moment from the band’s excellent debut album “Fragments”, underlined by mesmerising, wistful double male/female vocals and striking guitar lines, ending with ‘the essence of aware’ of our transitory nature : “…dreams are gone forever / but your name it always sounds in me never slips away / it’s like your hands every day gently cut inside / “always” is your name we never said goodbye”.

Check out the haunting video directed, produced and edited by Matteo Fumagalli with an emotional open ending.

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    • Fabrizio Lusso 1st April 2018