WL//WH Video Of The Day: STARBABE “Icarus”

Video Of The Day Starbabe

Split between Paris and Tel Aviv, analog electronic duo, Starbabe, made of Elodie and Jean Claude Gavri, combine spaghetti western 6-string moods, retro rhythms, vocoder-charged and French pop vocalizations in a Kung Fu-inspired music video for the 80s throwback track “Icarus” via Black Venus Records.

A Cyber cinematic universe emerges with urgent horse hooves galloping into Morriconian solemn twangy guitar strings that echo and linger ominously over light, rhythmic beats, deep iron-clad expansions, and rubbery, serpentine bass whirls. Sudden, fading voice clips fall helplessly through a layered tapestry of retro robotic expressions and warm, female vocals diffusing a hint of humanity into the majestic buzzing energy of shimmering and luminous synth strains hypnotic chimes.

Thoughtful lyrics use English, French, and Spanish to create a contemporary poem from the age-old myth of Icarus whose daring flight too close to the Sun cost him his life.

A video montage from the 1988 Japanese live-action film ‘Mirai Ninja’ follows a person vs cyborg war through epic landscapes, costumes, and glitchy computer effects while strategic editing techniques blend the duo of Starbabe into the Sci-Fi thriller mix. Flashing red and blue dimensions pit man against machine, drawing uncanny parallels to modern dystopic times with an onslaught of electronic accessories. Transition overlays contain entrancing karate moves with tongue-in-cheek twists, putting the band’s unique flair into the eclectic diorama of ‘Cyber Ninja’ bliss.

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