WL//WH Video Of The Day: STARBABE “Echec & Mat”

Video Of The Day Starbabe

FrancoIsraeli analog electronic duo Elodie and Jean Claude Gavri AKA Starbabe release an absurd cinematic video for their 80s-tinged and bass-heavy new single “Echec & Mat” via Black Venus Records.

Prowling bass lines slink and strut with purpose through swirling depth defying atmospheres of glitchy 32GB effects, effortless whisky beats, and mesmeric male/female vocals spinning alluring whispers and echoing pleasures into a curious vortex of zippy synth spirals seared by harsh and beguiling saxophone blows eliciting feelings of a narcotic detachment within the sensationalist boundaries of The Spectacle.

Introspective lyrics spin a modern twist into the premise of the film wherein “two scientists experiment on a sleeping woman, giving her jolts of electricity in order to produce surreal, haunting, and erotic dreams.”

The intoxicating video combines vintage footage from Francis Delia’s 1981 Pornographic/Horror film ‘’Night Dreams’ with creative editing techniques by Starbabe to form an immersive and arousing Sci-Fi clip. French lyric subtitles, surreal shadows, and a dim ambient glow visually contort orgasmic faces and haunting masks into subconscious dimensions. Transition scenes blur strobing overlays of hypnotic James Bond-esque dance moves with negative light extremities, retro television ads, and a time-lapsed gyroscopic motion to pull the viewer into an eerie disassociation of travelling through a mind-altering psychosis.

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