WL//WH Video Of The Day: STAR WARSAW “Black Leather”

Video Of The Day  Star Warsaw

Swedish enigmatic Coldwave / Post-Punk / Darkwave band from Gothenburg, Star Warsaw, drops a clandestine clip for the modern dystopic new single “Black Leather”, the follow-up to the early 2020‘s debut EP “Never Ending”.

 A primal muffled percussive flow of lurking emotions ignites eerie, ominous buzzing low ends, sparky, steady beats and an obsessive string of spinning icy-bright synth melodies resounding wistfully over desperate baritone male vocals, seemingly devoid of hope, rambling into a twisted and alienated atmosphere, where cryptic lyrics allude to violence, fear, and inescapable pain at the hands of inhuman evil.

The black and white DIY video captures the gritty tendencies of civil noncompliance through a visual stream of consciousness cloaked in transformative shades of darkness. Graffiti strewn alleyways and dilapidated warehouse districts construct an urban warzone around a secret midnight wandering cast in subliminal symbols of universal dissent. Industrial decay creates a corrosive divide from brainwashed entropy with deceptive mirror reflections, shadows of imprisonment, restrictive signage, and stalking silhouettes to lay a subconscious foundation for surveilled thought forms plagued by paranoid dreams.

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