WL//WH Video Of The Day: St///ll “Darkend Eyes”

Video Of The Day  St///ll  

Hailing from South Of England and Ireland, like-minded Post-Punk brother trio Andrew B/rch, Chr/s Carey, and Mark B/rch AKA St///ll  have dropped a symbolic video for the electrifying and haunting 80s-tinged debut single “Darkened Eyes.”

Distressed lyrics confess regret and disenchantment at the hands of an excruciating denial from a loved one.

Urgent, restless vibes of high-energy drum beats, nervously ringing, choppy guitar riffs, and energetic bass pulses surge into swaying tumultuous tides around powerful, dramatic vocal angst, drawing dire breaths of deception and dread from an inescapable flow of distorted toxic tendencies.

The mind-expanding video captures an evocative performance set against a limbonic realm of optical shapeshifting illusions. Trace overlays and white smoky shadows alter mindful perceptions into depth-defying frequencies around an edgy black-clad trio whose revealing personas inject charisma and flair into the dark psychological themes of the soundtrack.

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Photo by Jack Birch