WL//WH Video Of The Day: ST. DIGUE “Capital”

Video Of The Day  St. Digue

Copenhagen, Denmark’s Dark Electronic Pop artist Kasper Deichmann (Sunken) AKA St. Digue channels the Pet Shop Boys with sing aloud modern dystopic lyrics, disco ball reflecting dance beats, and oppressive 80s style overindulgence in the ear-worming new track “Capitol”, the third single taken from the forthcoming debut 7-track album “Everything Hits At Once”, accompanied by a heady interpretive video to light the mind’s eye of imagination on fire.

Catchy and addictive lyrics question capitalistic ideology to explore the cold, lonely darkness of greed, selfishness and selling your soul.

Magnetic warped and electric droning diversions layer obsessively oscillating buzzing bass tones, warm soaring synth swathes, and steady, dancing beats, with trance-breaking claps to compel the temperamental cries and whispers of prominent vocals into alternating breathes of fear, simmering anger, and emotional melancholy causing a dramatic rise and fall of moody energies, whilst strings of icy-bright computations swirl alluringly as unattainable dreams into the heartless marching rhythms of treachery, domination, and doom.

St. Digue LP cover

The conceptual video fuses disintegrating red and blue visions into an abstract palette of robotic systems. Flashing electronic distractions emit disconnecting frequencies through a subliminal backdrop to program downtrodden silhouettes into fragments of isolation. Predesigned searches run deceptively rampant to funnel subconscious emotions through a depth defying algorithm of inter-dimensional alienation. Strobe light realms cast hypnotic suggestions into untuned channels of neural pathways to distort pixelations into a synthetic shadow technology of generic sheeple, who wander mindlessly through the oppressive confinement of a smart metropolis.

St. Digue‘s debut 7-track album “Everything Hits At Once” is slated for release on October 8, 2021 via Totentanz label (Tape)

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Photo by Søren Van Den Bosch