WL//WH Video of the Day: СПРУЦ [SPRUC] “Вспомни / Remember”

Video Of The Day СПРУЦ

Hailing from Saratov, in the southeast of European Russia on the Volga river, five-piece СПРУЦ/SPRUC, made of Vladimir Uchevatkin (vocals), Valery Rybaknikov (guitar), Alexander Vedeneyev (guitar), Anton Dvorak (bass), and Maria Kulikovain (drums), mix heavy dark punk, alternative noise rock and post-punk in a controversial video release, directed by Anatoly Miloserdov, for the haunting single “Вспомни / Remember.”

Intense and dire moods, tinged in distressed angst and causticism, bloom from steady hard-hitting drums that roll along with the low throbbing bass line’s ominous pulse, as swathes of sharp and heavy blistering, abrasive guitar riffage, alternates with sad, bright six-string melodies, to rise and fall with the frightened and angry male croons that quicken to a dense roar, bleeding into a sea of death, denial, and lost memories.

The introspective lyrics affirm the bleak surroundings of self-indulgence and empty escapism found in alcohol and weed, begging the soul to “Remember!” what it was like before, while pointing out, “Without memory, There’s no past.”

Shocking and dramatic videocast in modern symbolism, religious iconography, and a heavy drug-fueled existence, time-lapses spinning dimensions painted in blue and red to shift between being awake/alert or asleep/high. Ominous cut scenes foreshadow violent, disturbing images of excessive behavioural destruction at the hands of avoiding reality, as a subconscious pull for enlightenment presents itself in mysterious ways.

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