WL//WH Video of the Day: SPOTLIGHT KID “Shine”

WL//WH Video Of The Day  Spotlight Kid

NottinghamUK based Spotlight Kids , one of the most relevant European shoegaze band of the 2000’s, able to carve their own distinctive, albeit 90’s influenced, reverb-dreanched noise-pop guitar driven sound, are back on track after a long period of 5 years hiatus, since last 2014’s LP “Ten Thousand Hours” on Saint Marie Records, with a new song “Shivers”, the first in a series of singles and EPs that will be released over 2019, culminating in the 4th album later in the year. 

“Shivers” unfolds hypnotically dazzle reverberated guitar melodies and deeply resonant bass notes increase steadily dragged by relentless energetic pounding drums in a sublime, swirling turmoil of trance-inducing catharctic noise-loaded guitar intensity sublimated by wistful whispery vocal harmonies laced with longing, sorrow, and hope.

A woman realizes in hindsight that big dreams draw large temptations and come at a high price. Cold, dark, and alone, she shivers at the thought of a frigid emotionless smile given by her partner. A wedge of resentment has formed causing mental abandonment, regret, and maybe forgiveness is all that is left.

The accompanied short film, directed by band’s drummer Christian Davis, is a mysterious thriller with a creepy twist and a cliffhanger ending! The use of incomplete imagery editing allows each viewer to,“fill in the blanks,” thus creating a unique perspective for all. An abduction, scary kids in animal masks, witchcraft and more. Let your imaginations run wild in this unexpected chiller.

A Beautiful song, with infectious melodies wrapped in poetic lyrics, haunting vocals, and immersive fuzzy wall of guitar sound, Spotlight Kid delivers a remarkable return.

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