WL//WH Video of the Day: SPACE REMAINS “Telepath”

Video of the Day  Space Remains

Space Remains is the late ’90s DIY Australian project of England-born, Sydney-denizen David Bowden, who after starting to be interested in music and writing in his teens, buying his first synthesizer at age 16, and later teaching himself guitar, debuted in 1997 with the one and only “Telepath” EP, produced, engineered & mixed by David himself and his brother, William, via his own label Elated Cat Records.

After a ten-year hiatus spent writing a book, Space Remains returns with a new 2024 video for the darkly Psych Rock-Wave lost classic and title track “Telepath.The new course of the band’s first release, via Elated Cat Records, will be the 7″ single “Stars” in August 2024, followed by the album “Dream Radio” in early 2025. Leftover copies of the “Telepath” EP will go on sale this Fall via bandcamp and discogs.

Spaced-out and immersive “Telepath” drives relentless crashing drum beats, pulsing along with a hypnotic heady sway of throbbing pinpoint bass lines and groovy glam-style guitar riffs through a swirling synth-effect-laden tunnel of eerie piercing resonances and heavy, droning misty sensations, whilst restless, ominous vocals and suggestive voice clips evoke paranoia and fear at the hands of a sinister psychological manipulation.

A captivating artificial intelligence illustration shapeshifts a steampunk fantasy into a soul-stirring modern-day dystopia to sync with the dire warning of the soundtrack. Like a helpless bystander watching ‘all of time’ play out, an urban skyline slowly disintegrates into the wind amid a series of retro-futuristic characters that seem oddly out of place. If you look closely, you might see a cyborg appear as part of the transition, perhaps an androgyne, piquing curiosity into a collection of frightened people holding their index fingers to their lips, signaling silence. The vision would be deeply unsettling without the thought-provoking sequence of symbolic imagery that viewers can decipher, like a pictogram.

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