WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOUNDWIRE “Shake The Fever” (Official Video)

WL//WH Video Of The Day    SOUNDWIRE

Cardiff, South Wales-based Alt /Psychedelic Rock band Soundwire have unveiled the third single, “Shake The Fever“,  lifted from the band’s long awaited sophomore studio album mixed and produced by Thighpaulsandra (Spiritualized / Coil).

Electrifying, energetic and softly chaotic, “Shake the Fever” blends swaying ragged fuzzy guitar riffs with exuberant layers of shivering, ringing immersive expansions and fluid glowing keyboard overlays, underlaid by charging drum beats and buzzing bass throbs, to immerse dreamy vocals, seeking relief from heartache in a cathartic release of mind-bending spaced-out resonances.

Accompanied visuals by Peter Moore shuffle suggestive romantic visions with bright, prismatic fractal configurations to expand and strobe around Soundwire in sync with the groovy psychedelic vibe of the soundtrack.

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