WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOUNDWIRE “Satellite”

Following a well-received 2019 debut self-titled album South-Wales-based Kraut Psychedelic Noise Rockers SOUNDWIRE, comprised of David Jones (bass), Chris Davies (guitar), Philip Stanton (drums), Peter Moore (guitar), and Simon Court (vocals), return for the second time in a row after last month’s contribution to the Tribute to Sarah Records compilation album, “Under the Bridge”, via Kent-based independent label Skeepwax, with a symbolic video for the heady new single, “Satellite”, blending glacial and swarming effect-laden guitars with dreamy, trippy vocals and sentient organic rock vibes to form a cool, distant spatial fantasy of swirling bliss.

Grooving along with nods to early The Verve’s ebb and flow lysergic epic, the song coaxes entrancing, shivering wedges of disconnected moods weaved by obsessive, droning and shimmering guitar wrinkles, steady urgent drumbeats, atmospheric keyboard swells and lithe smooth bassline palpitations to coalesce in a buzzing and blinking overlay of cosmic refulgent energy whilst nostalgic, angsty male vocals long in lonely memories for the electro-magnetic orbit of a “Satellite” dream.

Soul-stirring, black and white video collapses time and space around mental projections of angst and indecision to illuminate hidden fears lying dormant in the subconscious well of mysteries. An intimate performance cloaked in mesmeric strobes, blinding shadows, and emotional dreads shifts the scenery into a sprawling seashore of endless possibility to transform a dark solo journey into an abundant flow of tangible thought-forms.

Soundwire‘s new single “Satellite” will be released, along with “Another Sun”, as a double A-side limited 7” vinyl single in May via Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records.

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