WL//WH Video Of The Day: SONSOMBRE “Reborn”

Video Of The Day SONSOMBRE

Northern Virginia’s classic Gothic Rock revivalists, Sonsombre, lead by Brandon S. Pybus, drop a supernatural video for the immersive track “Reborn”, taken from the band’s latest fourth 11-track album “Revival” via Cleopatra Records.

“Reborn”‘s modern dystopic lyrics use doomsday metaphors to foretell a daunting rebirth into darkness under the reign of old-world kings.

Apocalyptic moods channel Sisters of Mercy’s direful exoterism with a dash of Fields Of The Nephilim’s refined mesmerism, by way of both menacing and gripping, warbling bassline throbs, searing, erratic guitar riffs, energetic driving drum beats, and ominous arcane humming chorus, giving rise to passions of impending doom and gloom, whilst husky, baritone male vocals layer cold, powerful magnetism with hot, sinister high-strung emotions and alluring whispers, to conjure dark fantasy and dire destinations from the tumultuous grinding rhythms and hypnotic swaying textures of Gothic Rock dominions.

Metaphysical video, directed/edited by Brandon S. Pybus himself and filmed by Jacob Johnson, uses revealing overlays to extract inter-dimensional energies from an evocative performance riddled in iconic lore. Twilight cloaks the downcast stare of praying angels, allowing a graveyard observation to manifest apparitions along the dim-lit halls of a haunted mansion. Universal symbols and gestures expand heady convictions into surreal perceptions, where secret doorways open the mind’s eye of imagination through an engaging gothic set. Negative light photography fuses heat-seeking auras, ghostly entities, and archaic logos into an inverted ritual rooted in the realms of the subconscious intellect. Hidden ailments unfold under an incantation toward nocturnal skies, drawing a backward flow of motion around unnatural time-lapsed body movements, conjuring a plethora of demonic possessions, lost time sequences, and racing neurotic thoughts from the ancient depths of archetypal shadows.

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