WL//WH Video Of The Day : SONIC DEATH ‘Space Ark’

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In an alternative scene full of people who take themselves too seriously, I do love a band of ‘two, maybe three now, horrible motherfuckers with problems’ with great sense of humor, and if they play also electrifying rock’n’roll even more.

St Petersburg-based punk ‘n’ rollers (formerly Padla Bear Outfit),  Sonic Death have been refining the band’s kinetic mix of raw garage rock, acid psych, proto metal and 80’s punk until their last and best album “Space Goth”.

‘Space Ark’ is a rousing and grating garage-rock, laden with pounding drums, chunky fuzzy riffs, lo-fi dissonances and Ramones-like vocals, the contrast of heavy and light, noise and melody make this track an infectious and  compelling listening.

Call it ‘space proto-punk’ or whatever you want, it’s just grimy, exciting rock n roll.

Check out the great video, kind of Zombie horror flick full of humor, directed by the drummer Sam Twilight, ‘space ark is your last chance to escape from  a world of debauchery, stupidity and bad sense of humor’ he explains.  

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso