WL//WH Track Of The Day: SOMBRAS “Rosas Muertas”

Track Of The Day  Sombras

We’ have already talked about the fervent Mexican alternative music scene, but also the South and Central America are apparently on fire, bands and artists are swarming everywhere.

Today we’re going to focus our attention on a young Colombian four-piece from Bogotà called Sombra, born around the common attraction for the ‘música oscura’ and part of a growing group of young bands, little labels, fanzines and blogs rooted in the best punk’s DIY ethos, also accompanied by a genuine political consciousness. 
‘Rosas Muertas’, from the debut 3-track cassette EP ‘Utopia Tenebris’ on the label/blog/collective Tres-incendios-temporales, is a rush of angst, sorrow and despair propelled by sturdy drums, throbbing bass, disturbing and cold synth with hints of Christian Death gloom and X-mal Deutschland goth flair, where Alejandra Anastasia‘s unsettling vocal delivery adds emotive depth to an already poignant song dedicated to all the victims of police brutality.
‘The darkness abducted me / I saw dead roses decorating his coffin / while winds of war woke up my unrest / the time stopped / the darkness kidnapped me / inside his chest a heart still beating and I saw the dead roses’.

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