WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOFT SET / PREPARE MY GLIDER “Old Friend”

Video Of The Day  Soft Set / Prepare My Glider  

An all-Canadian Dream-pop collaboration, rife with wobbling shimmering glides of Shoegaze texture, between Toronto based duo James Gray and Nathan Athay AKA Soft Set and fellow musician James Callan AKA Prepare My Glider for the mesmerizing, sun-kissed, sentimental first single, “Old Friend”, along with a nostalgic video accompaniment by Heidi Athay.

Woozy disorienting distortions ebb and flow around calming waves of low pulsing bass lines, winding, sparkling guitar melodies, and skipping, stumbling drum beats to encapsulate soft romantic dual vocals with breathless and hopeless harmonies, falling restless through glistening sways and warm emotional swathes of longing, for an intimate connection with an “Old Friend.”

Time-worn home movie clips, by Heidi Athay, from the 80s, draw the viewer into an alternate dimension where outdoor activities, kinetic friendships, and smiling faces line a summer lake shore at sunset. Vintage video blurs space and time betwixt distant, hazy recollections and modern dystopic blues to invoke lost, carefree feelings from a nostalgic, retro daydream of bittersweet bliss.

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