WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLOW DANSE WITH THE DEAD [SDWTD] “I Tried To Be The Nice Guy”

Video Of The Day  Slow Danse With The Dead

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Gothic /Doom Disco /Dark Wave DIY craftsman Slow Danse With The Dead drops an immersive video for the chilly crepuscular song “I Tried To Be The Nice Guy” off of his July 17th 2020 self-titled debut EP “SDWTD.”

Desperate lyrics observe a loved one’s self-destruction through a lens of helplessness and melancholy.

Cold, tenebrous, and dramatic atmospheres veil aching and subdued wailing pain-filled guitar melodies, deep mumbling bassline gloom, tinkling icy stabs, and steady skipping rhythms, with ominous, restless tensions, amid deep prominent, numb baritone broods and distant angsty reflections, fading hopelessly into the warped hope of dim bright synth flow’s haunted shady skies.

A supernatural video captures a darkly romantic interlude set against a surreal backdrop of evocative Gothic sensations. Unfocused black and white duality drives severe conflicting moods around a stoic couple whose ritual attire, universal symbols of death, and suggestive shadowy silhouettes arouse subconscious thought forms from a nocturnal well of inhibited desire. Hypnotic, drifting flows of smoky motion transfix one-eyed wall watchers with wicked erotic inspirations whilst impassioned flames of shape-shifting emotions infuse lyrical sentiments of intimate sorrow with bittersweet outcomes of death and rebirth.

Although you should already be aware of it, don’t forget to check the band’s Bandcamp, updated, between demos and official releases, rather frequently. “Maggots and Worms” is SDWTD’s latest single.

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