WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLOW CONNECTION “Wait”

Video Of The Day Slow Connection

Slow Connection is a Spanish Indie two-piece based in Mataró, Barcelona, who dropped the second video/single, “Wait”, from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album.

The duo concoct an alluring and deeply emotive blend of Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie-Rock, and Post-punk, but, as in the previous single, “Dust”, venture also into darker disturbed Electronic and Wave realms.

A glistening and obsessive Dream-Pop introspection, “Wait” unfurls a relentless weave of humming chords interwoven with echoing twinkly poignant guitar pain, hovering over soft pulsing bass lines and soft tinny percussions, amid shivering fluid synth glows, to wrap restless, melancholic vocals with an aching sense of longing and dread, “I don’t wanna wait for you.”

Recorded by Slow Connection during a recent trip to Paris and Belfast, the DIY video uses a dramatic red aura, to sync an Apocalyptic vibe with the soundtrack. From day to night, a lost soul wanders the city streets, checking out a beautiful sunset whilst touring some of the city’s biggest attractions. The Eiffel Tower’s sparkling nighttime expression is eerie, symbolic, and romantic, all at the same time.

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