WL//WH Video Of The Day : SLOVENSKA TELEVIZA “Es el ordenador”

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Slovenska Televiza are a minimal electronics duo based in Valladolid and Barcelona. Wladyslaw Trejo and Lunademayo stays close to coldwave then expands to avant-garde and experimental approaches, reaching a proposal as strange as it is fascinating. There is also a melancholy underpinning this release, perhaps it’s the haunting vocals of Lunademayo, or the heavily reverb laden soundscapes of Wladyslaw Trejo‘s synthesizers.

After their debut in 2016 with the limited hand-made CD single “Bailes Valstīs”, their own imaginary regard to Latvia, a country they’ve never visited at the time, just one song with lyrics in Latvian language, the duo are going to release new 5-track single-sided vinyl 12″, limited 300 copies,Documento” EP due to be officially out this Friday, September 7 via the Bristol label, recently relocated to SpainPeripheral Minimal.

The first single, with the accompained video, is the Kraftwerk-like titled “Es el ordenador/It’s the computer”. Subtle and expansive atmopheric synths weave effortlessly in a deep and endless plot of vaporous and ethereal soundscapes. Well balanced and punctuated by the precise and relentless drum machine, leading us through murky and hazy paths, intersected by underlying wisps of melancholia. The gorgeously angelic yet disenchanted vocals, both inwardly chaotic and outwardly dreamlike, float and sweep over the void, trapped in a world where the computer is her only friend and form of communication, pervaded by a ominous sense of isolation, helplessness, and desperation.

Veering between repetitive minimalism, hypnotic krautrock, Stereolab’s space pop, vaporwave intangibility, robotic synth minimalism, “Es el ordenador” is as brooding and wistful, as it is immersive and intense, delivering a mesmerizing and enthralling headtrip of sheer emotions.

The video, has been realized by Wiktor Stribog, the mind behind the global, mysterious and controversial youtube phenomenon Kraina Grzybów, counting also on the presence of Polish painter Aleksandra Waliszewska, who lent her hands for the clip. It shows memories, landscapes, and other imagery associated with her life as she spirals out of control into the void of “el ordenador”.

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    • Fabrizio Lusso 22nd September 2018