WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLO MOON “Here Again” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day   Slo Moon

Slo Moon, the Atlanta, Georgia-based music project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brent Collins departs from his usual shimmering, reflective and dreamlike atmospheres to explore equally cinematic, yet nocturnal and brooding synth-driven leanings with the new single, “Here Again”, and the accompanied evocative DIY Official Music Video drenched in retro ’80s horror flick aesthetic.

 A Lone Drifter Struggling With Her New Unwillingly Undead Identity, Roams The Neighbourhood Streets At Night Fighting The Hunger To Feed. But As We All Know Too Well It’s The Necessary Evil That Needs To Be Done Over And Over Again To Stay Alive.

An eerie, downtrodden and simmering night ride on the edge of impending doom, rains sinister icy-bright blazing and swirling synths down upon a murky crackling river of heavy droning, wobbling bass lines, and steady thumping snare beats, whilst deeply haunted helpless vocals prepare for a nightly battle with a loved one, “Here Again.”

A wonderfully imaginative vintage-style DIY horror clip syncs with the eternal conflict theme of the soundtrack. As the sun sets on the Western horizon of a sleepy suburb, we see a seemingly innocent girl wearing a cute outfit, an edgy hairstyle and thoughtful makeup, played by Haley Collins. As time goes by, violent cut scenes reveal a beastly murder committed by the girl, who now sits dissociated with vampire fangs and a bloodstained mouth. Super creepy, with a creative use of lights and camera angles to manifest suggestive gore, skewed perception, and spine-tingling fear.

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