WL//WH Video Of The Day : Sleeping Pills ‘Time to go’

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Following my fixation for the DIY music ethic, here is the strictly independent magazine/label Hidden Eye based in Tampa, Florida set up by Merchandise front-man, Carson Cox.  A beautiful and significant insight into the local scene and even an essential material help in producing and making records.

Full support has certainly had the music project, named Sleeping Pills, of singer/songwriter, Phil Taylor, an artist of strong punk roots and with whom I share the same love for Johnny Thunders and The Buzzcocks.

After last end of the year self-titled debut, the now quartet has just released the excellent sophomore album titled ‘A Maze In A Wave’, an amazing collection of moody, emotional and poignant post-punk numbers. 

‘Time to go’ closes the album in a purely minimal atmospheric tone, a slow paced ghostly ballad lead by pulsating melodic bass together with haunting vocals, bright penetrating guitars, evocative synth textures, creating and spreading a deep sense of agony and melancholy combined with subliminal unrest and alienation of great suggestion and charm, easy to be seduced.

Check out the awesome video, directed by Andrew Petersson and starring Damon Koontz, where the band’s members are murdered one by one by a killer. 

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