WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLEEP OVERLOAD “Painter”

Video Of The Day Sleep Overload

Formed just in the Summer of 2019, Sleep Overload is a dream pop/ shoegaze band hailing from Sakhalin, the faraway largest island on the far eastern end of the Russian Federation in the North Pacific Ocean.

Comprised by Eugene Zhuk (Music, Lyrics and Recording) and Alina Chistyakova (Painter and Vocalist), the duo is born with the purpose to compose/depict atmospheric and emotion-ridden songs, to be published individually, about dreams expressed into music and consequently into visual effects.

The first song, entitled “Painter”, unfurls an inebriated haze of distorted duality dissolves moody ethereal underlay overwhelming it in aggressive heavy reverb-laden guitar section of metallic abrasion as low rumbling bassline vibrations swept in light misty drum whisks further the suffocation of helpless murmured female vocalizations lost in a cacophonous of echoed noise.

Magical lyrics explore the rare, shared moment between artist and object of inspiration as a painting, sparked by love, expands timeless horizons and dreamy possibilities, “I look at you from your world.”

Dim, blurred hypnotic video captures lights and shadows to form a mysterious canvas of deep hues, alternating time and dimension, discovering dreams, through the lens of a “Painter.” A muted spotlight illuminates a pensive silhouette eclipsed in the pale darkness before a brush strokes sparkling dance erupts in a red and blue cityscape excursion.  Strobe light effects violently flash in flux with intrusive guitar strum transitions, altering the deceptive tranquillity of inspiration into an unwelcomed nightmarish explosion casting shadows of doubt upon an ambiguous face of pain.

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