WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLEEP OVERLOAD “Afraid”

Video Of The Day Sleep Overload

Russian reverb and delay DIY guitar sound sculptor with a dash of psychedelic flair, based in Sakhalin Oblast, Eugene Zhuk under his moniker of Sleep Overload, with the contribution of Alina Chistyakova, is back with a new dreamlike emotional sonic offering in order to soothe and rubbingly caress our senses.

Droning slightly abrasive noisy guitar riffs rings around lost ethereal distortion with altered states of feather-light vocal atmospherics, in a haunted and anxious release of slow spectre-like whispers, seeping into the low throbbing bassline tension, and off-tempo steady drum beats with tinny resonance, to form a shimmering haze of cloudy horizons.

Lyrics betray a lover’s angst and separation drawing doubt betwixt two souls whose only deception lies in fear of the unknown.

A dim hypnotic basement-dwelling spins a pink performance along the dreary grey road less travelled, blurring treetop transitions with fog-covered footpath’s windswept charm.  Lightning flashes purple skies of introspective gloom over lonely nights spent hiding in the latent shadows of fear, rocking electric guitar grooves and sparkling tambourine shakes into the perplexing reversal of fortune, wandering mysteriously in the dark woods.

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