WL//WH Video Of The Day: SIXTH JUNE “In Dreams” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day Sixth June

Belgrade-bred, with a longstanding Berlin residence, Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal, set a date with Dark Synth-Pop destiny in 2007 when they made Sixth June official. A recording repertoire with five releases and countless compilation features plus Antal‘s side projects as Cult Club (with Sally Dige) and Diesein, keep their sound evolving into a unique timeless, elegant dark synth-laden aesthetic that will remain current for years to come.

Filmed in Belgrade by Shira Wolfe & Laslo Antal, the Official Music Video for the song “In Dreams”, off next Sixth June‘s studio album, due to be released in Fall 2019 through Mascom Records, blurs the lines between fantasy and reality with a luxuriously dramatic world that changes colors with our heroine’s mood set to a stunning soundtrack alit with horns and exotic beats taking the viewer on a trip to see what is written in the stars.

Reverently melancholic synth and horns build dark mystical atmospherics of fearful longing setting the mood for beautiful, emotionally charged voice soaring in breathless feverish desires set against the backdrop of synthetic tribal drum loops conjuring mystery, adventure, and strange supernatural coincidence shifting to strong thundering and authoritarian beats of finality putting fate into motion.  Soul-stirring vocals mesmerize and immediately draw you into a plush whirlwind fantasy of hidden desire and burning passion.

A song about love, loss, and fear. Touching sentiments about first encounters, journeys, and sadness pour from a woman’s heart as she remembers their time together as if it were yesterday. Vivid visuals extracted from a dream illustrate the different shades of love experienced in a relationship. Recollections rapidly weave a tapestry, “It was love at first sight, “You are the one that I want!”, “I cry for you”, “I will be waiting,” and “I need you” of heartfelt emotion to form a picture of her soul-mate.

Dramatic visuals of a long-forgotten dream about to be realized begin in a world of black and white where two star-crossed lovers miss their opportunity at happiness without even knowing it. Our lady sits in the back of an Alfa Romeo waiting on traffic, as the broodingly handsome man of her dreams stands across the street searching. The close encounter triggers memories from the dream depicted in vivid colors encircling the car through the magical nightscape coming full circle to the first destination where destiny awaits.

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