Video Of The Day  Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators

Following last year’s 7″ single on Greece‘s Old Bad Habits Label, the enigmatic Leeds, UK based multifaceted Indie combo Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators, born from the ashes of Girl One And The Grease Guns, replicate their very late 2019 debut partnership along with fellow synth poppers The Edible Eyes, featuring ex-members of The Blanche Hudson Weekend / The Manhattan Love Suicides, with the second Split 7″ vinyl single “This Year Approximately / Until the Morning Comes Around”, once again via their own DIY label Next Phase : Normal Records. 

The sign of the times “This Year Approximately” has been accompanied by a poignant video, recorded in black and white, during a short break in transmission, at The Glass Factory and constructed by Jon Aldersea/Goldphone Creative Media.

While The Edible Eyes is an off-kilter synth-laden affair, discordant, uncanny and melodious at the same time, “This Year Approximately” recalls in the refrain somehow the heartfelt emotional depth of early Billy Bragg, crossed throughout by enveloping and sometimes swirling wistful Hammond chords along sparkling guitar strings, that sew sentimental journeys around stacked beats, lonely rattle shakes, and low oscillating bass lines, while soft, dreamy female vocals release breathless wanderings and dreary recollections into the groovy somber organ melodies, to pierce pain and anxiety through the numb, hazy atmospheres of paralyzing fear.

Modern dystopic lyrics reference the current global crisis endured at the hands of the system and the role we can decide to play as citizens of the earth.

Black and white three-dimensional textiles weave an exploratory walk through an overgrown field with intimate eye contact and an animated flow of motion to create a grim and nostalgic statement piece regarding the current state of world affairs. Vintage movie clips draw eerie parallels to current times with families of mannequins, atom bomb destruction footage, and systematic inoculations to instil fear into the masses as riots rage on every street corner and obsessive hand scrubbing psychologically washes the doubt from the spectacular veil of absurdity.

Upcoming Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators / The Edible Eyes‘ Split Single is slated for release on 7th June, on Digital download and limited edition heavyweight 7″ vinyl with silk-screen printed fold-over sleeve and silk-screen printed A5 inner info sheet. Also available to pre-order from Norman Records (Leeds) and Rough Trade (London).

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