WL//WH Video of the Day: SINCE NOVEMBER ‘First Final Frontier’

Video of the Day  Since November

Since November is an Finnish electronic indie-pop band based out of Helsinki, made of multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter Tomi Mäkilä (formerly key member of Montevideo, Magenta Skycode and The Crash) along with Jukka-Pekka Flander on drums and rhythm programming.

After the impressive, sombre and uplifting at the same time, debut single ‘Star System’ at the end of 2017, the duo have finally dropped their sophomore ‘First Final Frontier’.

A sweet lullabye or love song to himself….to keep moving forward every day and not give up on his journey of self discovery…

Dense, nimble, repetitive backbeats and soaring dramatic strings underlie shy, fearful, carefree, yet depressed vocals expressing the lyrics with such heart felt innocence and pain as taut crystalline guitar strums, arpeggios, and wistful melodies ebb and flow in respect to the vocals. Beautiful acoustic harmonies rich and full in texture and pure unadulterated sound filled with sorrow, travelling, haunted for eternity. An emotional, love song taken to a higher level, as the music, lyrics and vocals would not be so deep and bleeding if they were not truly scared.

The loss of a long-term relationship founded on lies creates an identity crisis and leaves scars of distrust and doubt that are still bleeding. Dabbling in  drugs, love, and artistic expression leaves him feeling empty, he needs to find out who he is, desperately. Depressed and unable to fully submerse himself in an endeavor he reveals, “RESTARTING MAKES ME TERRIFIED ALL THE LIES LEFT ME PARALYZED.”  Still in shock over the beautiful partnership he put his entirety into, only to discover it was all a lie. Unfortunately this happens often and many never trust, share, or risk the pain again.

The accompanied short film, shot and directed by Paola Suhonen, uses a vintage video recorder, black & white photography with burnt tattered edges on film, and Brooklyn, New York to create a timeless atmosphere.The theme is tragic and timeless, beginning with a man walking  briskly up and down stairs excited about filming. Time lapse photography speeds up dark clouds rolling in as he cuts the film to strips in disgust. A venture through Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and finally Coney Island leaves him dropping the pieces of strips on his journey. Ready to give up he throws the reel into the foggy misted sea. It immediately boomerang  back and he heeds the Universe telling him not to stop. He magically  finds the strips on the way home and smiles.

A truly moving song, lyrics, and video that is extremely relatable, high energy level, and a message: Do not give up, keep trying no matter how dire the circumstances, you will find yourself, in fact, you never left!

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photo by Jukka-Pekka Flander