WL//WH Video Of The Day: SIGNO 13 “Escaravelho coração / Heart Scarab”

Video Of The Day Signo 13

Taguatinga based, Brazilian post-punk/gothic rock band with surf undertones, led by multi-instrumentalist Felipe Rodrigues (bass, guitar, voice, samples) with the rhythmic support of H. Sarx (drum machines), keep on the monthly series of singles, that will be part of the forthcoming album “Serpentário”, with its eleventh song “Escaravelho coração / Heart Scarab”, made, recorded, mixed and mastered during quarantine, in the current 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. 

Droning hazy distortion radiates from sinuously low, pulsing bassline gloom laced within spurts of restrained abrasive riffage and sparkling wandering guitar melodies, piercing the muted underwater murky atmosphere, charged by punchy peppy drumbeats, as desperate haunted male vocals swept in an uncertain existence drown in the oscillating, swarming reverb swirls.

“Heart scarab” exposes the toxic undercurrent beneath the state of world affairs, where people lie in fear of losing their lives, jobs, and friends as the “world in celibacy, collapsing society, they want us uninformed, stupid, intoxicated.”

Claustrophobic black and white videocast in a scratched surface lens, created by Felipe Zauber (check out his YouTube channel), alternates freedom filled camera angles of vast urban and aerial views with an infected, isolated home environment awash in airborne ailments to bring an overwhelming sensation of impending doom to the centre stage of current events, as flickering strobe effects, looping overlay transitions, and time-lapsed 360-degree rotations maligned in viral and global implications expand the panic and fear into an unescapable nightmare, with no way out.

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Foto by @blas_roig