WL//WH Video Of The Day: SIGNO 13 “Dreams Awake”

Video Of The Day  Signo 13

Born out of Brazilia, Brazil in 2012, as the Surf-tinged Post punk/Gothic solo project of multi-instrumentalist Felipe Rodrigues (bass, guitar, voice, samples), actually relocated to Taguatinga and expanded to a duo with Rubens Cardoso on drums, Signo 13 is about to release the full-length album “Serpentário”, from which one track is dropped each month for listening anticipation.  

In the meantime, the band have shared the video for the song “Dreams Awake”, first single, dropped on September 2019, taken from the LP.

Felipe Rodrigues is the lyricist, director, and co-performer of the stunning soundtrack and symbolic visual synchronization that utilizes nature’s span of development to match human stages of growth and the passage of time.

“Awake dreams” is about childhood and its

magical moments, from a very particular perspective and

truthfulness, in a way to preserve and record rites that

before were so present in everyday life and today are

exchanged in colder ways to entertain themselves and


Sadly sentimental music box unwindings brutally overpowered by deep primordial throbbing vibrations evolve into groovy, digging rhythmic basslines accompanied by sparkling disoriented guitar strums shifting to alternations between happy bright six-string melodies and dire urgent driven chords riddled with a charismatic mixture of metallic taps, clashes and enthusiastic drum beats to form moodily complex atmospheres for intense caustically romantic vocals to release inner heartache over cherished childhood memories sporadically pierced in wavering, Psychedelic synth tunings and ominous spoken background words.  

Picturesque, nostalgic, slice of life lyrics describe an up-close and organic time when childhood activities and traditions were performed, celebrated, and shared intimately in the presence of others.  Illustrative descriptions of authentic paint, fabrics, and costumes, invented using the five human senses, worn during the celebration of Brazil’s unique holiday “**Damian Day” is written with a depth and dimension that will transport you back in time to attend the Halloween-esque experience.

Brilliant deep hues contrast against light spilling blood-red beauty into the exquisite transformation of a rose from bloom to decay in a brutally magnificent representation of life. Natural flowers are personified as petals and stems reach like arms embracing the universe in all its mystery while time-lapse photography evolves a white willow whisp into a sea creature floating within a spotless deep blue sky.
A quick switch to negative photography blooms indistinguishable artificial neon “man-made” illustrations speeding through existence at modern society’s virtual pace of alienating rush. Returning full circle to the first image whose vibrant colours have sadly faded to muted brown, and the once flawless skin is now withered, wilted wrinkles of degeneration around a lifeless head giving a final bow.

**Damian Day” – September 27th – Saints Cosmas and Damian day, a unique Brazilian Celebration. Handing out candies and treats to kids in the streets is not exclusive to Halloween. Saints Cosmas and Damian day, a religious date celebrated throughout Brazil, marks the day when kids go out on the streets to receive small paper bags filled with candies.

Check out also the lyric visuals for the last and sixth single “Desconstrução evolução”.

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