WL//WH Video Of The Day : SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS “Abduction”

Video Of The Day

UK witch house, dark electronic visionary Jake Lee, under his moniker Sidewalks and Skeletons, is back with a new single “Abduction”, mesmerizing and immersive as always.

Birthed from the dark vibes and distorted emotions of a dream. A dream where UFOs will only visit our planet in the rare moments when the Earth’s vibrations are in a perfect harmony with their own. “Abduction”, feauturing the perfectly fitting vocal samples from Kate Perry‘s “E.T.”, is a maze of fluctuating patterns adorned with haunting rhythms. the pectral, hypnotic, and melodic synth sounds are as eerie and bleak as they are lush and majestic. Exploring the darkest recesses of the mind through tortured visions and disturbing yet uplifting soundscapes into unexplored otherwordly realms.

The video, interspersed with foreboding doomsday images of fires, eclipse and disintegrations of life evoke a strong desire to be taken away from this imperfect world. A world that does not understand her, nor does she belong. A world that cannot hear her frequency as do the aliens. By finding the frequency to communicate with the aliens she is no longer alone and misunderstood, she has tuned into the same unique melody, waiting, hoping to be ‘adbucted’.

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