WL//WH Video Of The Day: SHOSTA “Glasaugen”

Video Of The Day  SHOSTA  

One of the many solo projects born from the forced introspection caused by the pandemic period, SHOSTA is the alias of Bamberg, North Bavaria based musician Peter Grimm, who, through early atmospheric metal experiments, has arrived to delve into electronic body music territories, with a minimal combination of repetitive and syncopated sequencer lines, tight danceable drum programming, frigid 80s synths and deep Teutonic vocalizations, to waver somewhere between DAF and Boy Harsher.

Shosta has just shared a music video for the heart-racing first single, “Glasaugen”, taken from the upcoming 4-track EP Wachsen”, due out on April 23, 2021, via Taucher Records.

Approaching mechanical melodies incite ominous steady beats, buzzing and bouncing sequenced bass tone vibrations, and bleak icy synth stabs into a rapid pace of nervous tension around distorted, emotional, male vocals unleashing haunting revelations into the flickering cinematic effects of spectacular doom.

Confessional lyrics uncover memories of an illusory time when fate, escape, and self-discovery convene in a “deceptive peacefulness” giving way to a lonely truth of fragmental conspiracy.

Ambient field recordings and dramatic black screen transitions develop an eerie, cold, and dark vibe, amid the stark winter imagery and the dangerous allure of the soundtrack opening subconscious doors of the mind. Black and white photography draws reflective auras from left-to-right hand gestures, merging bright pinpoint lighting and vast overpowering shadows into a bipolar symmetry of motion around the drastic mood swings of Shosta to form a heady multidimensional realm of psychological histories.

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