WL//WH Video Of The Day: SHARESPRINGS “Here Comes The Past”


Yet another welcome and unexpected return, this time for the four-piece band from Indonesia, Sharesprings, with the new single “Here Comes The Past”, which seems to constellate this period of the end of the year, albeit, on the other hand, the group had taken a good seven years to write, meticulously tweak and complete the memorable, especially for those keen to Indie-Pop sounds with Twee bents, debut album, “Paraparlor”, released in the summer of 2018, a distinctive take on seamlessly blending nostalgic dreaminess, at times subtly scratched with slightly distorted hazey shoegaze noise.

The foursome, with the original lineup of Ardhi Yudho (lyrics), Putriani Mulyadi, Rusli Budianto, and Yehezkiel Tambun, have accompanied the release with a soul-stirring video by Putriani Mulyadi, Dika Satya, and Rathia Ashila. 

Immersive and comfortingly warm, “Here Comes The Past”, casts light abrasive strumming mists lilted by soft tinny tambourine shakes and humming bass lines over echoing poignant twinkling guitar melodies, veined by nervous shivering strains, and slightly angsty distortions, to cradle soft, dreamy, beautifully evocative dual vocal harmonies with the intoxicating feelings of hope and joy.

Nostalgic black-and-white visuals by Putriani Mulyadi, Dika Satya, and Rathia Ashila sync the experience of two sneaker-clad friends with the shared intimacy of the soundtrack. Fun-loving adventures set against a charming, somehow familiar neighborhood make the heart smile whilst remembering the simple and magical times of child-like enchantment.

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