WL//WH Video Of The Day: SEXSOMNIA “Sexsomnia”

Video Of The Day SEXSOMNIA

Montreal, Quebec based stunning new Dark Electro act SEXSOMNIA, founded in late October 2021 by Philip Faith (Bass guitars, Drum programming, Keyboards and vocals) and Pat Gaudette (Bass guitars) driven by ‘the concept to create dark dancefloor-friendly soundscapes featuring 2 basses and no guitar’, featuring Pat Gaudette (Bass), and Zoe Page (Vocals).

The band have just dropped an intoxicating music video, directed and filmed by Philip Faith himself with the support of Das Neves, for their self-titled first release “Sexsomnia”, which ignites the rich, lush, and sinister moods from two bass lines as well as layered electronic and organic percussions, to carry the bewitching allure of Zoe Page’s magnetic vocalizations into a tenebrous reverie of heightened passions.

Surreal dangerous waves of ominous driving bass line throbs, ticking, tinny, and clashing drum beats, warm smooth synth swathes, and obsessive shivering low end vibrations create an enticing salacious flow of dark desire under alluring lustful vocal sensations, haunted by distant male whispers, to evoke forbidden longings and torrid temptations from a subconscious well of dire tension.

“Sexsomnia” unveils a fantastical lyrical aura where urgent passions and sensual obsessions roam free in the vast, uninhibited realm of sleep.

Sexy and evocative nightclub footage sets the stage for an erogenous fantasy fueled by insatiable carnal desires. A neon-lit strobing performance alternates with an intimate bedroom scene to arouse the mind’s eye into an edgy modern dystopic daydream. Black clad, bondage-tinged attire, intense focused body movements, and magnetic eye-contact draw the viewer into the lusty underworld of “Sexsomnia” to sync seamlessly with the erotic vibes of the tantalizing soundtrack.

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