WL//WH Video Of The Day: SEXSOMNIA “Morphine”

Video Of The Day SEXSOMNIA

Started in late October 2021 by Montreal, Quebec based musicians Philip Faith (Bass guitars, Drum programming, Keyboards and vocals) and Pat Gaudette (Bass guitars) with the late addition of Michael Rien (Drums, Keyboards), the guitar-less Dark Electro act Sexsomnia returns with the new stirring single/video “Morphine” featuring once again Zoe Page on vocals.

Dark and dangerous electronic swells spin bewitching trance-inducing temptations through relentless undulating gripping bass lines, quavering, murky droning undercurrents, and crashing cymbal-charged, thudding marching drum beats, to inject a virtual layer of ghostly sensual breaths, sinister growls, and nervous expert menace with swirling cinematic outflows of intoxicating shapeshifting mists.

The heady DIY video, by Philip Faith and Zoe Page, opens alternate dimensions of fear and fantasy, using hypnotic strobing light streams to shift time and space around an underground performance. Glowing green inverted light portals reveal a nightmarish realm of split personas, casting a vampire bride, primal prisoner, and manic engineer into the vexing voices from the soundtrack to project shadowy subconscious thought forms onto a sleazy narcotic fairy tale dripping symbolic suggestions.

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