WL//WH Video Of The Day: SEXORES “Volantia”

Video Of The Day  SEXORES

After celebrating in 2020, with the release of their fifth album “Salamanca”, 10 years of activity, Mexico City-based Dark Dream Pop duo SEXORES, comprised of Emilia Bahamonde (vocals/guitar/programming) & David Yépez (drums/programming) have shared, almost one year later, just in time to inflame Valentine’s Day with heartfelt passion, a compelling video, animated by Sebastián Valbuena and photographed by Alejandra Alvarez, for their metaphysical second single“Volantia”

A band seamlessly able to craft fluctuating, immersive and emotionally-charged dark soundscapes, with subtle grace and radiance, in constant balance between ethereal tones and murky shades, sprinkled with droning layers of reverb-dusted distortion.

Atmospheric emissions surround a mix of emotional glistening six-string melodies, rapid throbbing bass lines, and light steady dry beats to create a celestial haze of electric moonbeams around shy, dreamy female vocals’ breathless layers of airy light whispers, ethereal hums, and sweet harmonies falling desperately into the chiming nostalgic synth swells and lingering mists of twinkling distortions.

“Volantia” is the first principle of red magic. We find it in the example of the irresistible force of the lightning that breaks and burns, but never tires. This elemental force is passive when it obeys the command of the intellect and self-discipline. Its practice leads to the development of attention, concentration and attraction.

Transcendental lyrics derive personal power from a well of acceptance and defiance, building an external presence that infests “everything in passing.

Thought-provoking video creates a fanciful experience using symbolic animation imagery atop a beautiful silhouette cloaked in serenity and secrecy. Dim, golden light rays cast shadows of silence and shame across a woman’s face as an invisible hand draws universal symbols of mysticism and lore against a pitch-black backdrop to form a statement about modern dystopic society and the alternate possibilities that reside.

The physical vinyl 12″ edition of Sexores‘ 5th album “Salamanca” will be available at the end of February via Lima-based independent label Buh Records.

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