WL//WH Video Of The Day: SEXORES “Aequorea” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  SEXORES

Deft craftsmen, over the years, of a hypnotic, introspective and enveloping Dream Pop, reinvigorated by dizzying shimmery blankets of floating shoegaze textures and bewitching dreamy vocalizations, Mexico City-based Sexores achieves being one of the most relished alternative bands in Latin America in their genre.

Formed in 2010 the two-piece band native of  Quito, Ecuador, made of  Emilia Bahamonde (vocals /guitar /programming) & David Yépez (drums /programming), are back, after a 3-year hiatus, with “Mar del Sur”, a small 6-song album released via Buh Records, paired with a ‘Video Oficial’ by Carlos Carillo for  “Aequorea”. 

“ Mixing elements of dance-rock and dark wave, it sonorizes the band’s journey through South America and constructs a narrative that engages with the knowledge and perceptions of our place of origin, a part of the Southern hemisphere.”

Mesmeric, rousing, and emotional, “Aequorea” describes the dangers of falling in love by fusing leaden glowing blows of echoing wistful piano keys with steady thumping beats, dense rubbery groovy bass lines, subtly droning guitar distortions and whimsical swirling synth spirals, to expand in mercurial frequencies around fragile, heartbroken vocals, releasing breathless fear into obsessive glittery pain-filled melodies.

Beautiful marine creatures are in sight, but they are dangerous upon contact. Aequorea is one of these species, recognizable because it glows in the dark. This song describes the risky game of falling in love, where we succumb to the unknown, which disturbs us, but also captivates us. Aequorea is a subtle surrender to the dangers of love. A metaphor born from marine creatures, house music, and the sound of guitars.”

Dim neon blue visions by Carlos Carrillo star Erika Rivero, Ana Karen Robles, Ana Margarita Briseño and Cetia Narváez in a dazzling underwater fantasy whilst Sexores delivers an evocative performance to sync with the introspection of the soundtrack. Beautiful, seemingly harmless medusa dangle deadly tentacles toward vulnerable vibrant fish amid a dramatic pole dance where prismatic blowing bubbles and sensual shapeshifting shadows misdirect the viewer from the unseen danger lurking nearby.

Keep up with Sexores:

Sexores will be visiting Peru after 5 years. The cities that will welcome them are Lima, Ica, and Cusco. Later on, they will confirm more dates in Latin America.