WL//WH Video Of The Day: SECRET SIGHT “Second Thought”

With three albums under their belt since 2013, Italian New Wave /Post-Punk 3-piece based in Ancona, Secret Sight, comprised of  Lucio Cristino, Tommaso Pompili, and Enrico Bartolini, are back from a long pandemic-induced hiatus with the self-produced 4-track EP “Here, everywhere”, accompanied by a symbolic video, by Diego Menna and Filippo Pesaresi, for the angst-driven lead single “Second Thought”,

I write everything many times over. All my thoughts are second thoughts”. Aldous Huxley

Inner conversational lyrics depict the often-flustering flip flops of reconsideration or a revised opinion of a previous, often hurried decision.

Steady punchy drum beats propel and channel high energy ripples of a sinuously deep digging bassline, and reverb-strewn droning guitar riffage mists laced with squealing and piercing jagged melodies, to fuel urgent restlessness around emotional, distressed male vocals rising and falling in anxious introspections to change ideas mindfully with a “second thought.”

Dramatic black and white visuals, directed by Diego Menna and Filippo Pesaresi, blend an evocative studio performance with surreal urban scenes to draw symbolic wisdom from the subconscious domain of perception. Hypnotic sunrays shear overwhelming shadows of doubt from the masses to awaken sleeping silhouettes from an automatic flow of existence. Spinning overlays shift hidden awareness from third-dimensional barriers of darkness to heighten levels of light-bearing discernment into limitless future insight.

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