WL//WH Video of the Day: SECRET FLOWERS “Strawberry” (Official Music Video)

Video of the Day  SECRET FLOWERS      

Fresh from the early in the month release of the 5-track “Balboa” EP, the Los Angeles, CA-based Dream Pop /Psychedelic Rock band formed in 2018, made up of Michael Hentz (vocals, guitar), Jacquelyn Sky (vocals, drums), David Greening (guitar), and Ava Rodriguez-Smith (bass), return to the blog with an Official Music Video, the follow-up of their cover version of Mazzy Star’s “Ghost Highway” we premiered in 2023, by Christine M. Nguyen for the endearingly mellow and atmospheric opening song “Strawberry”.

“Strawberry” evokes intimate, vibrant, and emotional moods with hot obsessive glistening guitar melodies brimming with piercing passion reverberating over stumbling drum beats and a sinuous chugging bassline, to cocoon, with a groovy slightly distorted sizzling breeze, a romantic male/female vocal interplay, stirring doubtful broods and angsty longing, into soulful sentiments of love.

Symbolic visuals by Christine M. Nguyen begin with a thought-provoking sunlight mosaic, before fields of beautiful windblown flowers set an inspirational mood. The main story uses four black-and-white screens to showcase a ‘day in the life of’ each band member. After routines, introspections, and a vast array of artistic endeavours, the flow rewinds to prepare for a repeat performance tomorrow.

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