WL//WH Video Of The Day: SECRET ATTRACTION “Baby Blue”

Video Of The Day Secret Attraction 

We left off, earlier in the year, with Secret Attraction, the project of PhoenixArizona-based Derek Wise on the brink to releasing his brilliant new full-length album entitled “Blush” via Californian label Stratford Ct.

At the end of June, he’s back with a new emotional dream-pop track “Baby Blue” from his forthcoming EP due out in August, and also part of Stratford Ct.‘s 15-track compilation “Sonus Auri”, an immersive and soothing precious listen for the ones into chillwave, synthwave, dream-pop, nu-disco, vaporwave and all around. Purchase the double vinyl edition here.

The accompanying uninhibited video, containing a flow of memories set against the majestic Pacific Ocean, reveals the tribulations of anxious love.

Lashing snares and kicks energetically pound together with deep throbbing basslines and hypnotic, bright flashes of synth while searing wistful guitar melodies sparsely soar and ignite on top to create a sultry and hazy aura steamed in slurred, sensual and androgynous vocals echoing fear, courage, and urgency in a wild ride to luck or bust?

A song about being lonely, looking for love, and good luck.  News of a big crush getting lucky leaves one pulling out all the stops to ask the other, “Will you try your Luck With Me?”. Will they make a bet or go home empty-handed?

Nostalgic frames from the beaches of San Francisco share a day in the life of a surfer girl whose natural beauty shines like the sun reflecting off the waves. Happy memories flow as depicted in the candid images brought forth as she surfs, boats, and enjoys the beachscapes awe-inspiring cliff views. A convertible drives down dark streets blurred in motion as the ethereal singing swirls to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere left open for guessing.

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