WL//WH Video Of The Day: SCREENSAVER “Permanence” (Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day Screensaver

Screensaver, the 5-piece synth-driven Post Punk outfit from Melbourne, Australia, prepares to hit the European roads through the first European/UK tour in support of their sophomore album, “Decent Shapes”, with an Official Video by drummer James Beck for the brand new single “Permanence”, via Poison City Records (AUS) and Upset The Rhythm (UK). The song was recorded and mixed by guitarist Christopher Stephenson and mastered by Mickey Young.

“Permanence” is a sonic blast of nasty guitars, pummeling drums, rumbling synth, and spitfire vocals. The chronic intensity of the verses gives way to a commanding chorus injected with underlying Glam Pop sensibilities. Lyrically, the song speaks to repetition, unattainable goals, and constant roadblocks with the pent-up frustration matched perfectly by the intensity of the music itself.

Tense, frantic, and vibrant, “Permanence” compels an epic sweeping and spiralling cacophony of wiry guitar riffs that ring and prick with a fierce crackling intensity over driving punchy drum beats, grinding bass lines and warped droning synths, to sway, between tension and release, along with shifting vocals of aggressive choppy huffs and Siouxsiesque drawn-out emotional cries.

The clip for “Permanence” is a chaotic anthropomorphic ride through the suburban streets of Melbourne with a retro feel, shot in 4:3 ratio using vintage Canon lenses from the 70s and 80s to present like a distant memory, or some kind of masked fever dream on a shoestring budget.

Imaginative and engaging, the visuals by guitarist James Beck, edited by Camryn Rothenbury, inject a welcomed comedic relief into the pent-up frustration of the song by putting a black cat mask on a ‘person’ who wakes up late and then can’t seem to catch a break all day. We are told that the main character is on a secret mission to find a feathered nemesis and, after prowling the streets and stealing a loaf of French bread to be used as a weapon in the rising conflict, the elusive bird-man appears.

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Poster by @deonslaviero

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