WL//WH Video Of The Day: SCREENSAVER “Living In An Instant”

Video Of The Day Screensaver

Melbourne’s synth-laden post-punk four-piece Screensaver, comprised of Christopher Stephenson on guitar/synthKrystal Maynard on vocals/synth, Giles Fielke on bass/synth and James Beck on drums, current and former members of Bad Vision, Spray Paint, Lowtide, Personal Touch and Rat Columns, release a thought-provoking video for the unofficial single “Living In An Instant”, originally part of the 33-track Australian lockdown punk compilation “A Long Time Alone 2”, dropped in November 2020 via Blow Blood Records.

A heady alchemy of organic and synthetic instrumentation, inspired by the unique pristine sound of late 1970s-early 1980s, stirs driving, wooden drum beats through swirling, buzzing bursts and anxious, trumpeting strains of synthesizers, while rubbery, palpitating bassline pulses sinuously around rich, powerful Siouxsie-sque vocals, to integrate with effortless harmony a modern realm with an appealing vintage feel.

Metaphor lyrics depict the emotional rollercoaster ride of anxiety, depression, and paranoia using the natural elements set against our modern dystopian society.

Living In an Instant” captures some spectacular conveniences of the 1970s via advertising clips to build a waggish diorama of mass consumer commercialization. Scott Marrinan and Krystal Maynard herself collaborate on the video accompaniment that depicts the imbalance of man vs. machine using visuals of electric appliances, hypnotic hand stirs, and bandmates performing unnecessary tasks, while glitchy time-lapse editing sets a troubled momentum for the neon tinted humanoids as outer space zips by at rocket speed.

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