WL//WH Video Of The Day: SCREEN 4 EYES “Sometimes a Gate Is Opened”

Video Of The Day Screens 4 Eyes

Resurfacing last summer, after a couple of years hiatus, Screen 4 Eyes, the Indie Dream Pop/Electro-Rock music project, based in Tel-Aviv, fronted by singer/keyboardist Yael Brener, have just released a new synth-laden single, along the accompanied video, entitled “Sometimes a Gate Is Opened”.

Whimsical synth horizons expand around galloping rhythmic drumbeats enveloping low throbbing bassline inside a moodily mystical soundscape for drowsy, soothingly hypnotic female vocals to sway and soar into heightened euphoric bliss, amid sparkling bursts of sonic spatial effects.

Strange observations open an inner dialogue with visitors from a parallel universe, enabling an astral projection into the collective subconscious of humankind.

A celestial flow of blinding light fades pink and blue smoke shadow conversations along a dark red country road, as two unidentified orbs rise above a dim cityscape blurred in triple vision.
Dramatic cut scenes capture pinpoint pupils shocked and shivering, amid darkened doorways and metallic chains, alternating with vintage black and white clips of unblinking terror held within a sleepless night. Digital animation shifts dimensions into a neon figure blinking a fiendish third eye set against a primordial purple backdrop of a faraway galaxy, filtered in static echoes of unknown origin.

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Picture by Eli Moshe