WL//WH Video Of The Day: S:BAHN “Disney Princesses”

Video Of The Day S:BAHN

The mid-90s established, four-piece guitar-driven post-punkers S: Bahn, made up of founding members Dik (guitar /vocals), Kristian Brenchley (guitar) and Denis Leadbeater (drums) with bass player Rene Schaefer, return after a long break since their 2021 second LP “Queen of Diamonds”, teasing the upcoming April 2024 third full-length album, “Love Songs”, with the sprawling and cinematic first single single/video “Disney Princesses”.

Taken as a dedication to the city’s Northside, or a celebration of the archetypal ex-girlfriend “Disney Princesses” is at its core a love song, unravelling over its 6 minutes into an epic fade out to rival that of Hey Jude.

An intimate analysis of an ex-girlfriend who, like a Disney Princess, puts herself at the centre of a fantastic universe where her starring role is to be adored.

“Disney Princess” simmers forward with the band’s typical scruffy and moody conversational charm, through an introspective and obsessive atmospheric backdrop lit by a wandering sizzling weaving of jangling strummed guitar riffs, underpinned by sonorously throbbing bass lines, and skipping drum beats, to fold into and gently scrap Dik’s signature animated vocals, swaying with intensity along with rowdy backup echoes, into an entrancing spoken word interlude by Louise Love (from post-pop band Roles), over a beautiful stirring tinkly cameo piano play by Steve Boyle.

Surreal, reflective, and moody, a symbolic checkerboard floor sets the foundation for an engaging performance by S:Bahn where slow-motion photography, thoughtful editing, and evocative lighting halo a special audience member to sync perfectly with the romantic theme of the soundtrack.

S:BAHN‘s upcoming third album, “Love Songs”, is scheduled for a vinyl release in April 2024.

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