WL//WH Video Of The Day: SADFIELDS “Adiós”

Video Of The Day SADFIELDS

Accidentally, today is the day of the long-awaited full-length debut album, titled “Superluna”, from the three-piece  Mexico City-based band Sadfields,  so we’re very happy to highlight and somehow celebrate the occasion, featuring last week’s sentimental video directed, edited, and produced by Alejandra Villalba García and photographed by Selene Berazueta, for the final single “Adios”.

The trio, made of Daniel Espinoza (Vocals and Guitar), Miguel Lara (Bass), and Erick Román (Drums), delivers a lush, immersive, and atmospheric profoundly melodic Dark Shoegaze sound with moody Post-punk shades, that float through shadows and lights, amid dreamy emotive introspection and dense hazy flows of pouring noise.

Melancholic, fear-laced nostalgia sprawls on the resonant emotional vibes of energetic hypnotic strums along with dragging drum beats and humming basslines, heightened by rippling and poignant guitar melodies, to sparkle with rising aching vibrancy atop wistful heartfelt vocals, longing in pain-filled emotional harmonies, amid distant high echoes, into a heavy outflow of inevitable gloom.

The soul-stirring visuals by Alejandra Villalba García sync home videos of a father and his young baby with the love and sadness of the soundtrack. A devotional reflection explores an intimate relationship through an accelerated stream of memories where symbolic occasions and lots of warm smiles bring clarity to the tragic sentiments of the lyrics.

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