WL//WH Video Of The Day: SAD MADONA “Spirit of Ecstasy”

Video Of The Day SAD MADONA  

We, unfortunately, missed the new video/single, “Spirit of Ecstasy”, from the French coldwave project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, AKA Sad Madona, but it went straight under our skin, so here it is the dark alfresco music video, produced by @aurel_isometrik.

Dire lyrics examine the highs and lows of a lover’s passion and the feelings of bitter abandonment that take hold after broken promises emerge.

The haunting and atmospheric “Spirit of Ecstasy” oozes joyless ceremonial melodies that weave angst and sorrow around heart palpitating punchy snare beats, low lonely bass tone vibrations and soft haunted, dreamy-sad male vocals shifting into excruciating laments, to release breathless regrets and brooding melancholy into fluttering cries of weeping synth spirals.

Dim sun rays cast mysterious moods over an urban garden retreat to draw emotional introspections from a gut-wrenching performance. Up-close zoom lens angles sweep dizzying time-lapse flows of distorted motion over slow swaying dance moves whilst an enchanted grove of tranquil statues, barren treetops, and wandering geese expand into heady nocturnal dimensions. Depth defying shadows cloak secret desires and hidden fear with a symbolic stream of consciousness blurring secret shame and whimsical daydreams into ethereal mists of pain.

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