WL//WH Video of the Day: SAD EYED BEATNIKS “You Belong With Us” (Official Video)

Video of the Day  Sad Eyed Beatniks

Sad Eyed Beatniks is the folk-tinged lo-fi jangly pop solo project of San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist Kevin Linn (vox, guitars, bass, drums, melodica, keys, cassette sounds, rain stick, gamelan chimes), who you might recognize as the head of Paisley Shirt Records. as well involved in several other endeavours (Tam Lin, The Milky Baskets, Present Electric, etc.). 

Comprised of 1o-tracks written and recorded in the last two years, the Sad Eyed Beatniks’ forthcoming album, “Ten Brocades”, via Spain‘s independent imprint Meritorio Records, featuring fellow label finest Mike Ramos (Tony Jay, Flowertown) and Karina Gill (Cindy, Flowertown), have teased the first single “You Belong With Us” along with a self-made video imbued with the Bay Area label’s distinctive cheerful natural flair.

The title “Ten Brocades” is the literal translation of a Cantonese chop suey-like dish, subgum, which means “numerous and varied.” The merging of multiple identities and the image of many silken adorned fabrics helped guide which tracks ended up on the album…It explores encounters in short moments in time, fading memories, friendships, and relationships; all from personalities whose stories seem to interweave with one another.

Driven by soft abrasive acoustic guitar strums, the equally shambling and endearing, “You Belong With Us” carries angsty sad vocal harmonies across a jolting stream of sonorous humming bass lines and light lively percussions, uplifted by vibrantly quirky and nostalgic blowing melodica chimes, to elicit sun-kissed feelings of hope and melancholy.

Imaginative and thought-provoking, the visuals set our ‘usual suspects’ trio of friends against a sunny San Francisco neighbourhood, where humor and insight shuffle with an array of creative DIY optical illusions to sync with the sentimentality of the soundtrack.

Sad Eyed Beatniks‘ upcoming album, “Ten Brocades”, is slated for release, Ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital, on July 12, 2024 via Meritorio Records.

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