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Video Of The Day Sacramence

Three years ago Richmond, VA based industrial, experimental artist S. Jordan, under Sacramence alias, moved away from his early death-metal inclinations delving deep the challenging, downright yet inspiring experimental electronics realms in the footsteps of 70’s/80s industrial music pioneers as Throbbing Gristle, NON, Coil, SPK and Nurse With Wound.

The resulting album entitled “Lovers Seek Dominance”, originally released by Knife Vision and distributed through Youth Attack! Records in April of 2016, fit with ease and personality into that iconic sonic heritage, varying from ‘dance tracks, to slower, martial rhythms, to chaotic, sample-heavy noise pieces’, suffused by immanent coldness and profound tension and unrest burdened by a world on the brink of collapse.

The initial limited tape batch quickly disappeared, selling out in minutes. Later that year, a second, deluxe edition was released, which followed suit, selling out quickly from the Knife Vision Distro

June 28, 2019 marked the release of the definitive version of “Lovers Seek Dominance” on LP/CD/DIGITAL through Knife Vision (LP) and Phage Tapes (CD).

For the first time on 12″ Vinyl and CD, it features new artwork, new layouts, and newly remastered tracks by the artist. Both Editions will feature a newly-recorded cover version of “Fields,” by Death in June, while the Compact Disc Edition will also include an exclusive new track, entitled “Affair.” Packaged with the LP is a poster insert with artwork by collage artist, Adam Medford

At the same time has been dropped the Music Video for Sacramence’s track “Culprit”, directed by J.Thompson of Columbus, OH Post-Punk/Darkwave band Child Of Night, and featured on the upcoming SACRAMENCE // CANAL STREET ELECTRONICS Split LP due out August 27, 2019, via the Found Remains Label.

Heightened by crispy repetitive hypnotic beats and sparse claps, buzzing and whirring basslines, dramatic, dazzling eerie synth swirls over morose vocals, a poignant DIY visuals seamlessly blend the past with the present in an age-long battle between culture and religion, as a magical tunnel encapsulated by thousands of sparkling lights serves as a transit between the cultural melting pot of the city and the postmodernist residential neighborhoods. A faction of fear grows as anxious citizens take action against the morally corrupt lifestyle seeping into their children’s life. Fluid, circular shapes pierced with straight sharpened angles violently clash above thought-provoking art adorned in deep luxurious hues and tints. Life-size wood statues of religious royalty look wearily, casting doubt and shame upon the purveyors of worldly pleasure. An aura of convoluted blind, ignorance, tension emanates from the two factions tearing away at the fabric of a mysterious cityscape awash in the superficial concern of the media.

Catch the artist currently on tour:


07/30Boston / HONG KONG
07/31Providence / AL DIOS NO CONOCIDO
08/01Brooklyn / Hart Bar
08/03 Washington, DC / RHIZOME
08/04 Richmond / FALLOUT
08/06Charlotte / TBA
08/07Johnson City / THE HIDEAWAY
08/08Atlanta / MOTHER
08/10Norfolk / STUDIO 239B 

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