WL//WH Video Of The Day: SABLE NOIR “Jane Doe”

Video Of The Day  SABLE NOIR

Up-and-coming Cold Wave /New Wave 4-piece based in Paris, Sable Noir, made up of Bob Demachy (bass), Hector Demachy (drum), Gaëtan Senn (keys), and Gaëlle Senn (guitar, vocals), have shared a live video by Margaux Siedler for Sable Noir’s debut single “Jane Doe,” a preview for their forthcoming debut EP.

“Jane Doe” invokes the symbolism of an unidentified dead body to explore the senseless pre-programmed reactions of a systemic fool, taking part in a simulation-driven by fear, deception, and peer pressure.

Inspired by the New Wave from the ’80s the band deliver a moody and hypnotic track that blends effect-laden Curesque sparkling atmospherics and anxious, groovy emotional outbursts, vaguely recalling early Talking Heads or Marquis De Sade/Orchestre Rouge to remain in France, layering syncopated erratic drum beats, deep rubbery organic bassline throbs, piling icy bright stabs, and obsessive wistful glistening guitar melodies around dynamic vocal energies, casting husky determination, sassy shrieks, and breathless laughing whispers into simmering moods of angst and frustration.

The gripping black and white video by Margaux Siedler takes a peak inside the intimate live residence in Servoz of Sable Noir to build anticipation and intrigue for their upcoming debut EP. Peeling plaster, dim bulb lighting, and transformative shadows set the stage for an immersive looking glass performance where urgent intensities, edgy individual styles, and subconscious tendencies open the mind’s eye of mesmerized frequencies into a stark reality of untapped dreams.

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