WL//WH Video Of The Day : S Y Z Y G Y X “In Pieces”

Video Of The Day S Y Z Y G Y X

I had a soft spot from the beginning for the increasingly sonic development and songcraft refinement of S Y Z Y G Y X‘s heady cross-genre blending of dark sounds.

Now relocated to their home studio of  Washington, D.C. the dynamic synth & beats laden ‘rock’n’roll’ duo of Luna Blanc and Josh Clark (AKA DJ Impulse of Corrupt Souls/Sinthetix) have finally dropped their debut album “Is That All There Is” via their own imprint Burning Grave Records. 12 swirling, sensual, obscure, dangerous and mesmerizing, gloriously DIY, dark electronic hits with absolutely no filler.

The LP was preceded by the official Video for the poignant and immersive“In Pieces” rumbling deep basslines and unrelenting punchy and tight drumbeats set the propelling backbones to eerie, luringly seductive, hypnotic synth melodies this coalesce with alluring, haunting vocals building to a pulsing, dismal and unsettling crescendo bursting with trance-inducing groovy and gloomy dark dance vibes lingering in the shadowy corners of the dancefloor.

Check out the evocative visuals of alienating city life filled with consumerism, speed, stress, solitude combined with symbolic motifs of hacking and flood, seem to hint to a world that is falling “into pieces”.

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