WL//WH Video Of The Day: ROBERT CHURCH & THE HOLY COMMUNITY “Green River // Rabbits & Dragons”


Second 2-track single of 2023, titled “Green River”, for the Malmö-based Lo-Fi/Indie Pop longstanding duo Mlam Dos Castagnettes & Jam Nalnsjö, a.k.a. Robert Church & The Holy Community, ‘back in business’ last year, almost on tiptoe, after the brief yet intriguing digression as Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls, accompanied by a couple of vintage archive videos.

The lead track is an intricate and mesmerizing electro-acoustic blend of folk and pop atmospherics with a lingering lo-fi leaning, weaved with filigrees of almost impalpable bittersweet melodies and stripped-down instrumentation, immersed in gauzy introspective nostalgic mists. Soft angsty airy vocals glide on a mercurial rustic flow of wistful wandering acoustic guitar arpeggios, warm distant emotive layers of gleaming keyboard and brassy rivulets, along with dim icy twinkles, to bid farewell and best wishes into a disconnected ending of scraping chords, wistful trumpet blows and beat infested rustling frequencies.

The more dynamic flip side, “Rabbits and Dragons”,  concocts meandering swollen Post-punk basslines with early The Radio Dept dreamy and hazy jangly nostalgia, syncing lo-fi, upbeat, and anxiously Romantic moods with old Venice Beach footage whilst the retro lyric video for “Green River”, blends grainy nostalgic ’80s arcade games with accelerated guitar overlays, shredding, out-of-sync with the soundtrack.

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