WL//WH Video Of The Day : ROAD 377 “The Narrows”

Video Of The Day

Hailing from Exarchia, Greece, Road 377 is an elusive dark kraut post-punk one man band, who merely states to play Dark wave against authority and purity. For a troubled future.”

Motorik repetitive beats, throbbing hypnotic, ominous bass synth pulses pound the pavement steadily as at times  sparse sharp, menacing, icy guitar riffs penetrate the dark uneasy atmosphere. Intense, anxious, urgent, detached sounding,  vocals are the stand out in this matter-of-fact tragic commentary.

A song about secrecy, deception, and change. The city is not as it appears, travelers are, “caught between smoke and screens”, “dark screens rise within cars”, and “radios flicker inside bars” as something nefarious is about to unfold. “Then came the panic”, chaos ensues as rumors sweep across the city and people want to start, “trouble without cause.” All the while an underground movement is ,”along the narrows waiting” to make a big change as, “eyes filled with silence” prepare to make themselves heard, “before this night runs through.”

A truly riveting and haunting song from beginning to end.

The video shows flashing red and white lights as a woman in creepers waits patiently by the road. We then see a pair of men’s shoes walking briskly through the city streets towards the woman. They meet and start to run together to fulfill their destiny.

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